Terms of Service for MAPS.SIQUEST.COM

You may use this service at no cost for the purpose of plotting latitude and longitude coordinates on maps provided by Google Maps. However, in order to ensure the integrity and the security of this service, we need to manage access to the site. For this reason, we require you to register with us your name and email address so that we can issue you an Access Key for map requests. As you submit coordinates for plotting, you will require the Access Key for authentication.

By continuing to use this service, you understand and acknowledge that we may collect information about you including but not limited to your IP address, your location, the search criteria being submitted, the dates of your requests, and the number of requests you make during a certain period. You further accept that we will limit the number of requests per user per day to prevent misuse of the service and to ensure that our web server stays working at an optimal level. By default, the maximum number of requests per day per user is 10. Access Keys may be automatically revoked or canceled after a period of time to avoid misuse.

We reserve the right to refuse you access without notice if we feel that your continued access to the site constitutes a threat to the integrity and/or security of the services and data. Repeated attempts to access the site in manner that is detrimental to the performance and security of the services, and substantive of an offence that would be deemed criminal in nature, will force us to report you to the appropriate authororities and to seek civil recourse if necessary. Logging in from revolving IP addresses or anonymizer proxies is suspicious activity and will be cause for suspension or cancellation of Access Keys without notice.

You are not permitted to build any third party tool or product or website or service that makes direct use of this website or its services, in any form.

While service interruptions for one reason or another are infrequent, they are inevitable. We do not guarantee any degree or length of uptime except we do our best to be up and running 24/7, 365 days a year.