Private Policy for MAPS.SIQUEST.COM

At MAPS.SIQUEST.COM, we recognize that the privacy and security of your personal information is of paramount importance. The following details what information we collect, how and why we collect it, and how we safeguard your information.

Log Files

In order that we may provide you with the services available through this site, we need to make sure that you are (a) a human being, and (b) not a hacker or a person wanting to damage or misuse our services. For these reasons, we will request your first and last name and your email address upon registration and then send you a personalized Access Key for use with your map requests. The registration process allows us to monitor your use of the services and limit you activity within a given time period. To that point, this means that we will record dates and times of your map requests and the number of map requests within a given time period.

In addition to the above, we record your IP address and geo location data that includes your region, city, country, zip code, longitude, latitude and time zone.


We do not use cookies to store information about your preferences when visiting our site. However, by making Google Maps services available through this site, we accept the fact that Google advertisements may find their way into your map search results. Furthermore, since this behaviour is out of our control, it is possible that Google collects the same or additional information from your computer or your use of their services via our site. If you want to know what data Google may collect, please check Google's Privacy Policy for details.

Contact Our Privacy Officer

If you wish to have your information deleted from our web server, please send a written request to our Private Officer to